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The online workshops are individual packages dedicated to different themes.

Each workshop consists of two lessons: the first is dedicated to the preparatory phase necessary to follow the workshop online, while the second lesson is entirely dedicated to the chosen topic.
New contents will be published periodically, which will be dedicated to the deepening of certain themes, techniques and subjects that have not been addressed in the online course.

The lessons are recorded in high definition and can be consulted at any time, without time limits or deadlines. It is therefore not necessary to connect at certain times, but they can be followed in total autonomy.

For advice from the teacher on which path to follow, you can contact her via the dedicated page.

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Online workshop

The charcoal portrait




For students with intermediate or advanced level.


An online workshop dedicated to pencil and charcoal portrait, to discover and learn the technique of charcoal and portrait on a dark background, and learn how to mix pencil with dry charcoal.


€ 64,99

3 h 



10 h






Coming soon



Where to attend the workshop

The online workshop can be followed online on the website www.alessandrapagliuca-learning.net, without time limits, by accessing the link in the access form using the dedicated password.


To attend the workshop it is necessary to purchase some materials. By purchasing the workshop the complete list will be provided.

Who is it for?

The online charcoal portrait workshop is aimed at students who already have an intermediate or advanced level in drawing.
It is suitable for those who want to learn and deepen the portrait technique on a dark background, to understand how to mix dry charcoal with a pencil and create intense blacks.

Teacher's assistance

Do you have doubts about the lesson or do you want to send the work done to the teacher for any advice and corrections?
Alessandra is available.
Contact her using dedicated channels.

File format

The downloadable folder is compressed in .zip format.
Inside you will find:

  • The login form with the dedicated password to access the workshop.
  • The link to access the list of materials.
  • A GIFT VOUCHER to be given if the course is a gift for another person.
All the handouts can be downloaded on the dedicated page.

Do you want to make a gift?

If you wish to give the workshop as a gift, you can complete the purchase; inside the download folder you will also find a digital GIFT VOUCHER, to be given to the person you want to give the gift to. Remember to keep all the contents of the folder and share it with the recipient of the gift!

Not sure which level best suits your drawing experience?
Contact the teacher through the dedicated channels and ask for a free and no obligation advice.