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Alessandra Pagliuca is an emerging Italian artist.
For several years she has been creating and exhibiting her artworks in Italy and abroad, and she works on commission for private customers and companies.
Her main business, in fact, is making commissioned portraits and wall decorations.
She has also been teaching for several years in her studio in Versilia (Tuscany, Italy), and organizes workshops on a regular basis throughout Italy.
The project to launch a personal E-learning platform from the need to continue teaching, even at a distance, in spite of all the obstacles of the period and physical distances, bringing one's knowledge throughout Italy and the world.
In fact, the video courses she proposes are not simple videos regarding the creation of her works, but real complete lessons, as if her pupil were in the studio with her.
What differentiates her from "competitors", in fact, is precisely this ability to create courses that are distributed remotely, but keep a direct line with the teacher, who undertakes to assist and advise her students even remotely.

To learn more about the artist's career, visit her official website:


Customers & partners

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Charcoal portrait
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Tempo e Spazio non esistono
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Portrait on commission
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