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A complete learning project, in person or in the comfort of your home.
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The teacher

Alessandra Pagliuca is an emerging Italian artist.

For several years she has been creating and exhibiting her artworks worldwide. She works on commission for private clients and companies, too.

She has been teaching for several years in her studio in Versilia (Tuscany, Italy) and organises workshops on a regular basis throughout Italy.

The project to launch a personal E-learning platform stems from the need to continue teaching and the desire to spread her knowledge throughout Italy and the world, even at a distance, in spite of all the obstacles that the Covid pandemic and physical distances created.

The video courses she offers do not just display her creative process but are real, in depth lessons as if her students were in the studio.

What makes her different from anyone else is her ability to create remote classes but close relationships with her students.


Alessandra is a true artist as well as being a very nice person.

I took four courses with her. Apart from her technical contribution that allows you to constantly improve, it's a beautiful human experience, I would say almost therapeutic, as it allows you to spend a few hours away from everyday problems. 

Walter, student


Hyper-realistic drawing | PENCIL

The hyper-realistic pencil drawing online course is for those who want to learn and deepen the graphite and carbon technique, with special attention to the portrait.

It is suitable for all levels.

During the classes you will learn the basics of drawing (with practical exercises to become familiar with the materials), how to draw the different anatomical parts (eyes, nose, mouth, skin, wrinkles, hair and beard) and you will create a complete portrait.

The full course is divided into four levels:

  • Level 1 | The basics of hyper-realistic pencil drawing

  • Level 2 | Anatomical parts: intermediate (eyes, nose and mouth)

  • Level 3 | Anatomical parts: advanced (skin, wrinkles, hair and beard)

  • Level 4 | Complete portrait : you will make the portrait of a young woman from start to finish.

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Video content

21 h

Completion time

80 h


4 levels

Suitable for



The lessons are recorded in High Definition. They are in Italian and have English subtitles. You can watch them ANYTIME and the course will be yours forever. You will not need to connect on specific days or at specific times, but you can tailor this course according to your schedule.

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On site courses

Weekly group courses and individual lesson packages.
Techniques: hyper-realistic drawing with pencil, pastel and charcoal  or oil painting.

Private lessons with a stay in Tuscany

Packages for students who come from other countries.
A proposal that includes an individual or couple course and a stay at a partner hotel.


Travelling thematic workshops held on a regular basis throughout Italy and Europe. Discover dates and cities available.

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