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LEVEL 1 | The basics of hyperrealistic drawing

Materials list

Material List
Download PDF • 3.67MB

LEVEL 1 | The basics of hyper-realistic drawing

LESSON 1 | Tools and materials

LESSON 2 | Creation of the trace

LESSON 3 | Hyperrealistic drawing of a simple subject

Lesson 1 | Tools and materials

Lesson content

In this lesson, the materials to be purchased are listed, a demonstration on how to use them is performed, and a practical exercise will be done to gain confidence.

  • Video lesson duration: about 30 minutes

  • Time to devote to the lesson: about 1 hour

  • Subject: materials, demonstration and practical exercise

  • Difficulty level: easy

Squares exercise
Download PDF • 384KB
Lesson 2 | Creation of the trace

Lesson content

In this lesson we will address a delicate issue of the process of copying a photograph: the trace of the drawing. We will make the track with a simple image: a pair of dice.

  • Video lesson duration: about 30 minutes

  • Execution time: about 3 hours

  • Subject: a pair of dice

  • Difficulty level: medium

Preparatory phase:​

  1. Print the photo in A5 size

  2. Cut out the A5 size sketch pad sheet

  3. Cut out the A5-size acetate sheet

GAME DICE - Reference photo
Download PDF • 715KB
Lesson 3 | Hyperrealistic drawing of a simple subject

Lesson content

This lesson will be entirely dedicated to the realization of the detailed drawing of a pair of dice. You will see, step by step, how to tackle a job from beginning to end, with insights into useful techniques for each different step.

  • Video lesson duration: about 60 minutes (divided into two parts)

  • Execution time: about 8 hours

  • Subject: a pair of dice

  • Difficulty level: medium

* Use one of the two designs traced with gloss or grid, choosing the one that works best for you.

Download PDF • 15KB
Download PDF • 20KB


The teacher's drawing


When you've completed the first level, you can:

  • Publish your work in our community, and request any corrections and advice from the teacher. Post your work in this section: Community

  • Leave a comment or a feedback, always in the community section.

  • Contact the teacher for a private "rendezvous" by sending an email to

  • Enroll to LEVEL 2.


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