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 3,5 h of video contents 

 15 h completion time 

 Difficulty level: 9/10  


In the fourth and last level of the hyperrealistic drawing online course, you will draw the portrait of a young woman and put into practice all the exercises carried out in the previous levels.

In this portrait you will have the chance to work on the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the skin, the hair and on the lace texture of the dress.


The level is divided into four lessons:

INTRODUCTION: Preliminary phase (list of materials, tracing and preparing for the work)

LESSON 1: The portrait (first part)

LESSON 2: The portrait (second part)

LESSON 3: The portrait (third part)



Level 4

  • Video Content - 3.5 h 

  • Completion time - 15 h 

  • Difficulty - 9/10

  • Level - Advanced

  • Language - Italian

  • Subtitles -  English

  • Full level - € 49,99

LEVEL 4 | The portrait

  • The downloadable folder is compressed into a .zip file
    What you will find inside:

    • The login form and a dedicated password to access your lessons

    • A pdf document with the list of materials

    • A gift card that you can donate in case you bought this course as a gift for someone special

    • Each lesson has a page dedicated to the downloadable handouts
      You can follow the video course with no time limits by connecting to the website using the link in the access form and the dedicated password.

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