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LEVEL 4 | The complete portrait

Materials list

Material List
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LEVEL 4 | The complete portrait

First part | The hair

Second part | The face

Third part | Neck and shoulder

+ INTRODUCTION (Preparatory phase)

Before starting

Lesson content

The preparatory phase is essential to be able to continue in subsequent lessons. The steps to follow before proceeding with each lesson are in fact the following (as indicated in the introductory video):

  1. Introduction

  2. Print the images of the handout in the formats indicated

  3. Prepare the materials (see the list of handouts)

  4. Create the track with one of the methods taught (see lesson 2 of level 1).

  5. Pin up the pencils as indicated in the lesson

REFERENCE IMAGE - Portrait _ A3 format
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The complete portrait

Lesson content

In the fourth and last level of the hyper-realistic drawing online course, the complete portrait of a young woman will be created, to put into practice all the exercises carried out in the previous levels.

In this portrait the themes of the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the skin and the hair will be addressed, reaching up to the lace texture of the dress.

  • Total duration of lessons: 3.5 hours

  • Total execution time: 15 hours

  • Difficulty level: high

First part | Hair Completion of the hair of the proposed subject.

Second part | The face Completion of the subject's face, including eyes, nose, mouth, ear and skin texture.

Part three | Neck and shoulder Completion of the portrait by processing the missing parts, such as the shoulder, the back and the lace dress.


The teacher's drawing


When you've completed the hyperrealistic drawing online course,

you can:

  • Publish your work in our community, and request any corrections and advice from the teacher. Post your work in this section: Community

  • Leave a comment or a feedback, always in the community section.

  • Request the nominative CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION. To obtain the certificate, it's necessary to send photos of the completed drawings via email at the following address: The teacher will then fill out the certificate. * To receive the certificate you must have performed all the exercises of the course.

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