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Learn hyper-realistic drawing techniques from an established Italian artist









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Everything you need to learn about or improve on the hyper-realistic drawing techniques, from a blank sheet all the way up to the creation of a portrait.

A complete in-depth video course with all you need to know to achieve great results.

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The teacher explains
How this course was born

“ In my long journey I have experimented a lot and I have had the pleasure to work with different artists.

At the beginning of my career I would have absolutely loved to have someone there to tell me exactly what to do, how to do it, what materials to use and what to avoid.

Basically, the course I have created is exactly what I would have desired back then. 

Times have changed and I can finally reach my students near and far, on site or in the comfort of their homes.

I created this course for YOU. Whether you have always been driven to draw or it is just a recent discovery or have never abandoned your passion in spite of your busy life, you are in the right place. 

All you need is PASSION. I can teach you all the rest.”

Course summary

Drawing tools and materials (with accurate explanations and practical demonstrations)

The world of pencils: what they are, how to hold, use an sharpen them

How to create different shades based on the final effect you desire

Two different methods on how to trace a drawing

Practical exercises to approach drawing and learn about the best tools and materials

Analyse and apply chiaroscuro, blending and hatching techniques

Hyper-realistic drawings of individual anatomical parts, such as eyes, nose, mouth, hair, beard, skin and wrinkles

Problem solving of usual problems that arise during the creation of a hyper-realistic drawing

Make a portrait from scratch

What you'll learn
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Course structure

The hyper-realistic drawing online course is divided into four levels, each containing different thematic lessons. You can enrol on the full course or choose single levels according to what you want to learn or perfect.
In addition to this you will also have access to free training sessions on the COMMUNITY page of the site.

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Where & when

The video lessons are recorded and can be used online at any time and with no time limits.

You will be able to access your course FOREVER!

You can follow each lesson at your own pace, pause it whenever you need it and replay it every time you see fit.

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Elena L.

This course is made really well, it’s divided into several levels and above all the teacher is willing to correct the exercises and answer questions or concerns. I enrolled on this course because I had seen the works of Alessandra Pagliuca and I was mesmerised: an excellent artist but also an excellent teacher. Thanks Alessandra.

Denis B.


Alessandra is a truly exquisite person, professional, very thorough in her explanations and always available.

I had a small problem that she managed to solve in the blink of an eye and, to me, this is what it means to be professional.

Also, her lessons are detailed and very well explained.

You truly are a lovely person and I really want to say a big thank you for your availability.

Thank you very much Alessandra

Giuseppe B.

The course is fantastic, I believe that even an absolute beginner can undertake this path without difficulty! Alessandra is always available and clear, as well as objective and motivating! Her course is definitely a fundamental step in the beautiful path of drawing. Really exciting to see the unfolding of a fantastic design without even realising how hard that was.

Debora P.

I discovered Alessandra by chance, on the internet, I was immediately impressed by her talent ... but beyond that she explains every single step in an excellent way. I've always drawn for passion, but I wanted to get back into the game and try my hand at portraits (which I believed were out of my depth). To my surprise and thanks to her teachings, I am learning step by step to create a face in the smallest details!

I would do this beautiful course another thousand times and I recommend it to everyone !!

Michelangelo R.

I am really happy with Alessandra's course and the results that I think I have achieved step by step.

The videos are always very clear and Alessandra knows the right things to emphasise, which I found really useful. Alessandra is always available to give a word of encouragement or corrections but also to keep us motivated. Congratulations and thank you!


Teacher assistance

If you decide to become one of my students I will walk you every step of your journey.

​Thanks to a student-dedicated chat you can post your works, share them with the community and receive direct advice from me.

You will also have the opportunity to write to me privately for more direct and private feedback.

Direct contact with my students is what makes this course special.

All you need is PASSION. I can teach you all the rest.

Let's start this journey together

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Alessandra Pagliuca is an emerging Italian artist.

For several years she has been creating and exhibiting her artworks worldwide. She works on commission for private clients and companies, too.

She has been teaching for several years in her studio in Versilia (Tuscany, Italy), and organises workshops on a regular basis throughout Italy.

The project to launch a personal E-learning platform stems from the need to continue teaching and the desire to spread her knowledge throughout Italy and the world, even at a distance, in spite of all the obstacles that the Covid pandemic and physical distances created.

The video courses she offers do not just display her creative process but are real, in depth lessons, as if her students were in the studio.

What makes her different from anyone else is exactly this ability to create remote classes but close contacts with her students.

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